Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Baltimore Time Travel Anthology (which includes yours truly) was released last week. I don't have any awesome pictures, but the release party was held at Atomic Books in Hampden. It coincided with the release of SnoBaltimore, a new 'Zine about snowball stands in the Baltimore area. The party included free snowballs, animations, performances and cocktails. Everybody had a great time. Plus, they raffled off a copy of the anthology signed by all the artists!! I don't know who won it, but if I did know, I wouldn't mention it here because I don't want that person to worry about my hoards of readers breaking into his/her home at night to steal his/her precious signed anthology which is probably worth millions.

But I've already said too much! To protect the winner of the signed anthology, I've provided a link where you can get your OWN copy of the anthology! How cool is that? Quick! Click here and be transported back in tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

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